Ajay Singhal

In last few years, I saw the bad part of life very closely. I watched the grief of many people. Also continuous deterioration in environment due to negligence of people towards it bothered me a lot. I wanted to help people. And, whenever I helped someone, seeing his happiness, I also felt happy. Then, I realized the meaning of “It is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive.” For environment, I wanted to educate or motivate people. I met some people thinking in the same way as I, so we started a group thinking that together we can make a big difference towards the betterment of the society than individually. And so, we are here as a group, still hoping for many people to join us.

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Rosane Neumann Guimaraes Bertolti

In life we have two mainly situations we must deal with:  To understand to accept or to accept to understand.

For many times I have tried to understand everything. I have tried getting all the answers and I even tried giving answers as well; until I have realized that so many times it is much easier to deal with what life impose us with love, determination and faith.

While asking ”Why” very few times I got convincing answers, having started asking “What for” the understanding simply came after sometime.

That is “what for” I joined this group who works for society & nature. Now, after sometime, I feel inside me that the answer is coming…

To share small things that might improve people’s life, such as: Awareness, happiness and joy.

Rajat Goyal

        Happiness is something which each individual has a right for. Each and everyone in this beautiful world seeks for joy & happiness. It is well said that ‘Happiness is not a station you arrive at, it is the way of journey‘. During my early days, I used to feel that I am taking things from the community but have not been able to pay it back. This used to creep in my mind each time when I used to see people around me doing something or the other for their family or for their community. Then I had face to face with Panchatatva-The five essential elements of Joy and Peace. Panchatatva as an initiative helps in sharing happiness & joy with each individual by the mode of spreading ‘Go green’. I was overjoyed when I was first introduced to this community which deals in planting trees all across the city with a goal in mind to keep the city clean and green. This initiative has turned my thinking towards life. It has empowered the feeling in me to think about my community first and then about myself. I hope the best for MY Panchatatva and believe that each one of us can do much more for the community beyond thinking.

Come lets join our hands and bring this as a mode of Joy, Happiness and Awareness among each one of us!!

 Shorit Sharma

There is always a one small question that comes to my mind. What does a Society means? Does it mean a group of civilized people or something else. Partially yes a group of civilized people. Society is never complete if people don’t know each other and if they don’t help each other. So we understand that “A society is a place where people grow trees knowing that they might not be the one sitting in the shade of those.” That is exactly what the objective of Panchtatva is. Helping the community to grow without thinking of reaping the fruits.

So, we would like to invite more and more hands to come and join us to make this dream come true.

Nitin Sharma

Payal Gupta