Problem which we are trying to solve

Handicap in any means makes the persons life miserable. Blindness is one of those handicaps. Close your eyes and try to do something you do every day, like putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. You will soon realise how difficult it is to do things if you cannot see what you are doing. People who cannot see face such difficulties every day. They depend on their other senses (touch, smell, sound and taste) to learn about the world around them. And, with practice, they learn to use these senses better than people with sight.


There are many people whose blindness is curable with little treatment but due to financial limitations these people are forced to spend their entire life in darkness. We crazygreen picks such people and make arrangements for treatment of their eyes. We picked few kids and arranged for their treatment and good news is that after operation they are now able to see colours of this world. The kids we picked and of different age groups few of them are so small that they will not remember that they were blind at time of birth.

Eye operations:

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Two of the kids which were able to see after operation whom told us that they will do cycling after treatment.

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In addition to blindness we also arrange for treatment of other diseases as well under JYOTI initiative.

Two most crucial cases are listed here:

One of the girl in UDAAN school had problems in listening. When we talked to her then we came to know that from childhood there is problems in her ears. There is continuous flow of Pus from her ears but due to drinking habits her father never visited any doctor. Many thanks for those people who helped to make her treatment successful.


One of the lady in same area where UDAAN school is situated has severe burns in her hand due to which she was not able to use her hand. With help of advanced medical facilities we are able to get her hand cured.

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